About Robin

Robin MilamRobin R. Milam is a social entrepreneur and global advocate for the recognition and implementation of Rights of Nature. Robin’s passion is her love of nature, the well-being of our planet, and transforming our relationship with ourselves and our planet. Through One World Awake Robin is rising up to create a world of harmony for all!

Robin is leading a global movement to reshape:

      • our world view to live in harmony with all life,
      • our relationship with each other and natural systems, and
      • the legal structures which define how we relate to each other and our planet.

As Administrative Director for the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, Robin is spearheading an initiative to create a worldwide, grassroots movement calling forth the universal acceptance of Rights of Nature. Through Rights of Mother Earth signature campaign, she and her partners are engaging people around the world to write letters to their Heads of State enlisting their acceptance.  The team delivered a petition with 120,000 signatures to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil June 21,2012.  Our vision is to continue until we collect 1 Million signatures.

To learn more, visit www.RightsofMotherEarth.com and www.TheRightsofNature.org.